Finally! A reasonably priced, step-by-step course showing how anyone living anywhere in the world can succeed selling Private Label Physical Products on Amazon, eBay, Google (Or Anywhere Else)!

No one in the world has more experience or more long term proven success when it comes to launching successful Private Label brands online and selling physical goods online! The two experts bringing you this course are proven leaders.  Jim’s “top secret partner” has over a decade of success with Private Label & has grown a multi-million dollar private-label empire & Jim Cockrum is the founder of a course that’s been used by thousands to learn how to sell on Amazon – it’s the #1 longest selling and most successful training course of its kind!

How would you like to own your very own business selling your own branded products, with automatic sales systems in place that pay you money every month for years or even decades to come?

Why Private Label?  By choosing to create and sell your own brand physical products (that consumers trust, easily connect with and buy in droves every day) you’ll leave other short sighted sellers behind as they focus on the single strategy of trying to constantly find the lowest price on all of the popular “me too” products. You’ve seen them undercutting each other on price and racing to the bottom on each of their “winners” right?

…while the “brand owners” sit comfortably immune from the front-line price wars and consistently make high-margin sales!

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If you’re selling (or thinking of selling) any kind of product that anyone else could eventually also buy to resell, then you’ll know that sooner or later someone else can and will begin selling the exact same products as you, and they’ll probably undercut your prices when they do. It happens constantly on Amazon and eBay to great sellers.

The challenges of focusing only on Reselling Products Online:

  • You have trouble finding enough of the “hot items”
  • You are competing directly with other sellers on the EXACT same brand & product
  • You depend on the manufacturer for the quality & pricing
  • Your reviews are highly dependent on the manufacturer’s work – their bad quality hurts YOUR reputation!

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If you can follow simple step-by-step instructional videos and implement what you learn, then you can become a brand owner literally overnight.

In this Proven Private Label modular course you will get everything you need to be able to become the proud owner of your very own private label brand products across multiple niche markets!

This thorough A-Z course leaves nothing unturned. Think of it as your personal guide to private label physical product success from the ground up.

As soon as you sign up and begin the course you’ll be way in front of the pack because you’ll have all the know-how at your fingertips to be able to…

  • Sell your “own brand products” that other sellers will want to buy from YOU, and to resell for you – (making YOU lots of profit and securing your income in the process)
  • As soon as you become a brand owner by “adding value” to private label products, there’s BIG potential to profit from a HUGE demand when you promote and sell your own brands on eBay, Amazon, Google, or anywhere else (with absolutely NO direct competition)
  • Set it and forget it marketing systems sell your products for you “over and over” again, putting money in your bank account 24/7/365 – and unlike some other online “all-work-no-play” business models, creating your own brands to earn a “6-figure income” is fun to do!
  • You’ll OWN your own brands giving YOU an advantage over other sellers and your “would have been” competitors instead become YOUR “sales force” (making you even MORE money by reselling your products for you!)
  • Your brands and products are valuable assets. Keep your brands for long term profit or sell your brands for 10x monthly profit, (for example, a product making just $2,000/month is worth at least $20,000 on the open market if you decided to sell it to someone else!)

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and All the Tools and Resources You’ll Need to Dramatically Increase Your Income

As soon as you see how easily you can build your own brand of products that you control, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done this before.

Here are just a small handful of example categories that you can use to easily introduce your own line of private label physical products:


Do I need to be a marketing genius to do this?

The answer is definitely NOT…

…and you definitely don’t need the IQ of a rocket scientist.

If you DO already have SOME marketing knowledge then great, although you definitely do not require ANY prior marketing knowledge to learn how to private label physical products for maximum profit and to be able to sell your products with eBay, Amazon, and via your own eCommerce websites because all this is taught in the course.

Once you’ve completed some of the course modules and you’ve learned how to effectively build your own brand products (–the right way that is–), then you’ll want to begin promoting and selling your products.  To help you to do this, during the course we’ll cover everything you’ll need to know about eCommerce listing strategies so you’ll get maximum exposure when listing your products on Amazon & eBay.

In addition, we’ll also cover multi-channel marketing techniques so you’ll be able to begin promoting your products on multiple-sales channels including your own websites to build a solid income, establish your brand’s presence and protect your business by selling your own brand products on multiple sales channels.

We’ll also cover some more advanced direct marketing techniques that simply aren’t taught anywhere else in the world. Remember – we’ve been doing this a LONG time!

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FREE ebook On Building Your Private Label Brand

Join our list to download our popular ebook on 8 ways to build your own private label product business and more great information on creating & profiting from your own brands.

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