Special PAF Rabbit Trail
Monday, July 23, 2018

Our next "Rabbit Trail" webinar training will show a handful of people our exact strategy for rapidly finding dozens of SIMPLE & PROVEN winning Private Label product concepts!

We call it "Rabbit Trail Training" and we only let 50 people in per class! Not only will you be given the product idea leads to use if you'd like, but more importantly we'll teach you how to find as many of them on your own any time you'd like!

Look over the shoulders of our Proven Private Label 2.0 course authors Ryan Reger and Jenni Hunt as they show you how to quickly and easily find potential private label products.

One of the places in the private label process where we continually know students get stuck is choosing a potential product. Get over that hump once and for all by learning how to follow the rabbit trails that lead to product after product.

And best of all we'll show you how to use FREE tools for this method.
No matter where you are in your Amazon journey this method will be comprehend-able and easy to implement.

What you'll learn:

Special PAF Rabbit Trail

We'll take some of the time to tie the Proven Audience Formula into the private label Rabbit Trail process by looking at videos and connecting products to them.

Rabbit Trail Call Preview

Your Hosts & Private-Label Experts

Ryan Reger

Ryan Reger was part of Jim's Mastermind group and has enjoyed private label success for several years. He has the heart of a teacher and enjoys sharing his simple process for success with others. We are honored to partner with him as our in-house private label expert.

Jenni Hunt

Jenni Hunt and I (Jim) have known each other for over a decade and partnered together on numerous successful projects. She brings her years of online selling experience to the mentor program for others to apply in their business. We are honored to have her on board as one of our private-label experts.

Jim Cockrum

I'm so excited to partner with Ryan and Jenni on their rabbit trail strategy! Every call is different, and we find different opportunities each time we conduct a class! The strategy you'll learn is something you can use on your own later, or just take one of the ideas from the live training and run with it!

— Jim Cockrum

What Others Say

Fabulous call. Somehow seeing it in action just made everything so much clearer. If you have not yet taken advantage of a Rabbit Trail call, stop whatever you are doing and sign up for one now!


Agreed - I picked up on so many little details, tips and strategies - Amazing. Also it just reinforces the processes and value of the 7 step method, and then followed by the 2 step method. Looking forward to the replay to watch with my husband....would love to see him doing this as well. Thank you Ryan Reger and Jenni Rosing Hunt!


The Rabbit Trail webinar last night was excellent! Watching Jenni and Ryan in action was very impressive. We found 50+ keyword phrases that are viable for further study, but more importantly- we learned the processes and thoughts that lead to the results. This removed a ton of roadblocks for me and got me pumped on the private label side of my business again. Thanks for a sleepless night (could not quit thinking!) and thank you for sharing your expertise with us! Good Stuff!!


Just finished the rabbit trail call - WOW!! I would highly encourage everyone to look into sitting in on one of these. It really clears the cobwebs and makes the process crystal clear. Thanks, Ryan and Jenni!


Thank you. Super webinar.


Had a couple of AH HA moments on this call. Well worth the $$$$


I was on the first Rabbit Trail. Even though I'm a coaching student, I felt that I wasn't understanding 100% how to search. I have an Awesome coach, but I like to learn from others as well. Learning from you and Jenni has helped me feel more confident in my own searches. I'm joining again, because it will help me even more. I tend to over think things, but I'm getting over that now. I have 2 private label products in the beginning stages of testing. I'm confident in these choices, thanks to the 2 of you. I had my first PL sale in a week of getting to Amazon. I'm excited!

Melinda C

Just wrapped up [a Rabbit Trail call]. If you have not signed up for one of these I highly recommend it. Really clarifies the research process. Big thanks to Ryan Reger and Jenni Rosing Hunt!


This was great!


Learned a lot, thank you both for a great webinar!


The Rabbit Trail calls help keep me from being paralyzed on where to start searching for new products, and then branch out into related products. By using PPL methods, Ryan and Jenni have demonstrated it is possible to move quickly through initial product evaluations, then come back to the valuable finds for deeper investigation and sourcing. I can now go validate/reject 30-50 products in an hour, and have been able to teach my teenage children to do the same. It works.


My wife and I watched the rabbit trail call together and it was a huge help. She is kind of new to the PL world so it really simplified it. We are each coming up with a new PL idea each week and then sourcing 4-5 to test it out. We plan on having 20 new PL products in stock at Amazon by the start of Q4. Thanks so much Ryan and Jenni!

Joel H.

Thank you this was great!


It was excellent. Thank you!


First of all, to say it was fantastic is an understatement, I believe Superbly Fantastic is better suited. I was floored by both Jenni & Ryan from the very start as they broke the ice with a nice intro and seamlessly went right to the nuts & bolts of the whole private label sourcing process.

The strategies, techniques and simple, but quick methods of looking for private label product ideas on amazon was worth the investment. I can tell you that from my personal experience, I have attended webinars and have been on calls and believe me this call was absolutely better than any of them.

The fact that they take you by the hand when answering each and every question, while providing their own recommendations was key for me since I am new to PL. I appreciated every second of “looking over their shoulders” as potential products were discovered and “rabbit trails” followed. You literally see them “ thinking out the process & churning product after product” live.

If you want to delve into PL products, then I believe you should team up and follow people who are experts in the private label process like Ryan & Jenni. The years of experience combined in a training session where nothing was held back was priceless.

I had prepared a few questions (which were all answered by the way) I considered to be my current obstacles moving forward but, once I saw with my own eyes how not to get stuck in choosing products, I was relieved. It’s actually very easy and they guide you all the step of the way.

Last but not least, if you want to learn the best, easiest and quickest way to perform a repeatable private label process, while attaining great private label products to source on your own, then this webinar is a no-brainer.

Only after the call will you realize, just like I did, what an awesome decision you made in choosing to attend.


thank you, this was awesome!


Exciting!  Mind is racing!   Lots of ideas!!


This has been great ... thank you so much.


Very good! Thanks so much.


This is a blast!


This is by far the coolest call ever! Thank you.


Thanks so much for teaching us!


You both did awesome tonight, thank you for your time and endless energy!!!


Thank you... awesome webinar


I want to do it again. I got great ideas from this webinar. Thanks so much!


I followed the methods in the rabbit trail calls and found a possible item. I found a wholesale company and bought 5 to test. The items have only partially been checked in (2 out of the 5) and they're both now pending shipment! I just ordered 9 more...so now I am scratching my head on how to find a supplier! I had setup Sponsored Ads, but the ads showed 0 impressions, so I shut it off. They've sold without ANY promotions.  Thanks Jenni Rosing Hunt and Ryan Reger!


Like Fred & Ginger, Bogie & Bacall, Lucy& Linus - Jenni & Ryan make a great coaching pair. The Rabbit Trail Webinar is jumping with lessons and learning. It was a real Pleasure! Thanks.


Thanks guys, this has been very inspirational.


Great stuff! Thanks!


This was great ! Thank you two very much


We just finished the Rabbit Trail call. AWESOME! I now have absolutely everything I need to make 2018 the best year yet.

I have already used the skills I learned from Ryan and Jenni to launch a product that is selling 10-17 a day. I'm the only seller since it's my product. I have a second product that we just launched that has proven itself and I just ordered more of.

If you want to do yourself a favor and form a solid foundation for a successful business, you won't want to miss the next Rabbit Trail call. Thank you so much, Ryan & Jenni!!!"


So glad I did this. Thank you so much!!


This was Great! Thank you!


Thanks. This was terrific - once again sleep is overrated!


This was great.


Thank you both for taking the time out of your busy day to share your knowledge with all of us. I sincerely appreciate it. <3


Great value!


Thank you guys. This was awesome! I understand all the feedback in MST. Thank you so much.


Fantastic webinar and so informative, thank you.


Thank you this was a great call


So many ideas guys!!


thanks been great seeing it in the uk


excellent webinar


Just finished the UK Rabbit Trail webinar with Jenni Rosing Hunt and Ryan Reger - super helpful, thank you. Really useful having one tailored to more UK specific market... highly recommend the call to anyone thinking about doing the next one...


I think this flowed really well for the first run.


Bob and I just got off the Rabbit Trail call with Jenni and Ryan and it was FANTASTIC! They made it really clear how to find 55 private label leads in less than 2 hours. AMAZING! We are so blessed to be part of this wonderful group and to have such gifted leaders who love serving this community. May you both continue to be blessed as you bless so many of us!!


Watching this in action really opened my eyes, and I admit I need to rethink how I plan to start PL. Makes so much more sense on how you guys present it, basically starting with something easy, non-sexy things, then rinse and repeat. Eventually you'll get to where you want to be (at least that's what I got out of it). I need to let this sink in to my head a little more (that's my nature), but I really learned a bunch.


I'm signing up for the next one to get 47 more…:) Over the shoulder session is the way to go. Thanks for the very informative tips and great knowledge sharing. A++++


Very helpful. Thank you!


Wow! That cleared up many questions. Thanks, Jenni & Ryan for the awesome rabbit hole adventure and the feeling of hunger…

Le Quan

Thanks for the kick in the right direction, i have been stuck on finding wholesalers and manufactories for one PL product for weeks. It´s time to move on. You guys are really great. God bless


Loved it


Great to watch you rabbit trailing--very motivating!


I LOVE these Rabbit Trail webinars! I am just getting my feet wet with Private Label and it is SO helpful to be able to literally watch Jenni and Ryan search for possible products and how they decide which ones "make the list." Thanks to you both!


Very helpful! Thank you very much!


Love it. Thank you


Hey thanks for this, loved it!


This is great, more please


Very useful, thank you. Keep 'em coming


It was great! Thank you.


I am not a Facebook or social media user, so I wanted to pass on a testimonial through here.

I am afraid of failure and have some resources and time but not a lot. Coaching right now isn't an option financially and I was kind of frozen on where to go.

My husband encouraged me to buy the Rabbit Trail webinar. From the description it sounded like Private Label 2.0, which I am in the process of going through, so I was unsure. My husband said, "Just get it!"

The webinar is unbelievable! Besides the 47 examples, it blocks the fear because you can see how vast the choices are, how bright the future is.

Thanks for a great, affordable tool!

Carla H.

This was great! What a great way to spend 40 minutes, thanks so much. More please!


Awesome!!! This was one of the MOST informative trainings ever. Thank you so much.


Best way to quickly get unstuck on product research. The Rabbit trail calls that Ryan and Jenni do make Researching PL product quick easy and FUN!!


I'll add my two cents to what Ed JL said [to the left]. I was also on the Rabbit Trail webinar. My wife and I are "stuck" trying to find our first private label product. We seem paralyzed by over analysis. The real value behind the webinar is not that Ryan and Jenni show you how to search for products (although they do a great job of that). It's not even that they give you 47 quality product ideas (although they did that too)! It's that they help you get unstuck. Sign up for the next one ASAP. It's motivational secret sauce. Thanks for being the real deal in a marketplace of phonies, Ryan Reger and Jenni Rosing Hunt!


great information presented tonight. thank you!


Good stuff. Thanks!


Awesome! Thank you.


Thanks for all of the great information!  Really learned tons and appreciate your time.


I’m loving this too! 🙂


Great stuff! Faster Faster! 🙂


This is a cool process, loving it. Thank you!


Thank you both so much!


Thanks Ryan and Jenni! It was fun and fruitful 🙂


Thanks a lot you both!


Besides the cool little add on to my **** Extension, this was one of the most beneficial webinars I've ever attended. I got so much out of it! The call is over and I'm easily finding many more ideas for private label products based on the seven step test. Thank you Jenni and Ryan. As always, you give 110% and I appreciate being a part of your awesome group.


Rabbit Trail call with Ryan and Jenni - can I just say EPIC?! This is my second one and it was even better than the first one. Great investment into my business!! Thank you so much!!


Thank you so much guys! Very helpful.


Great hunting down the rabbit trail tonight... 70 items! WOW! Thank you Ryan Reger and Jenni Rosing Hunt for all your shared tips and tricks!


Great info and leads. Thanks so much.


Thanks so much Ryan and Jenni - This was fun!


Thanks Ryan Reger and Jenni Rosing Hunt for a fabulous Rabbit Trail call last night! I feel like I just won the Willie Wonka Golden Ticket!

I've been selling on Amazon for almost 4 years, will close this year at $500k, and you've given me a new AND EASIER prospective on scouting for products. For me, school is never out! I've always done Private Label by sourcing from China. Needless to say, that ties up a lot of cash and limits how fast we can expand. My goal WAS to add 3 more PL products in the next 6 months. With your system of PL the easy way, I'll add 3 new PL products in the next 60 days. I'll have to revisit my goals and up the anti!

One of the most frequently asked questions in this forum is, "if I have only $XXX amount to start with, what's the best way to invest it?" I'd say The Rabbit Trail calls are on the top of the list! Job well done!

P.S. I've already sourced and ordered 2 of my 3 new PL's using the system from the call last night. See you in the Million Dollar Club 🙂


Great session......thank you!


Jenni Rosing Hunt and Ryan Reger the Rabbit Trail call tonight was awesome. You found so many idea for us to pursue for profitable items in 2018. Thank you and Merry Christmas to both of you and everyone in the group.


Learned a lot.


Thanks Jenni and Ryan, feeling armed and dangerous!!


you guys opened my mind


Thanks Ryan and Jenni! Material was awesome today. Super motivated now!


This was AWESOME. Thank you Ryan & Jenni


I really appreciate that you made this specailly for the UK! BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS!!!


been really great - thanks so much !!


Thanks for the gems Jenni and Ryan. It was really insightfull. I'm looking forward to the next one 🙂


Thank you - this session was really informative. Can't wait to get going!


This was a great webinar the 2 hours went by quickly

Jen L

Thanks. That was very informative.

Rita B

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After you purchase PAC, send an email to [email protected] to request your Rabbit Trail call discount code.

If you aren't entirely satisfied with your purchase please call or drop us an email, and we'll quickly issue a refund of your entire purchase amount. Take your time, check it out, and more importantly, put this powerful information to work for you, but if you find it's just not for you we don't want to keep your money. All support and contact options can be found at JimCockrum.com on the “contact” page, as well as in the email you'll receive upon ordering.

Why do we ask for your phone number as part of the order? Because Jim Cockrum or someone from his staff will contact you to make sure you got your order and to offer you a free Q/A session about this and any other of our products. Jim makes several calls per week as a way to stay in close contact with his readers. When we call you, you can expect a friendly, informative chat with someone who truly cares about your success. We leave every contact better than we found them 100% of the time. There is no high pressure pitch or up-sell and we won't share your name or contact info with anyone.


Will all the products be searched from the US?
We will be using the Amazon.com search tool to find products that are potential private label leads. Basically, the 7 Step Test increases the chances of you having a winner after you run ads. It is simply validation on the front end (before sourcing).

The next step after the Rabbit Trail webinar would be to find a supplier/wholesaler, etc. to source the product. This is not covered in the Rabbit Trail call. You could find a supplier wherever you want to source the products/items; however, the research will be based on items selling on the .com - so if you are selling on Amazon.com - then the items are good for you. If not, you could use the same strategies we teach to research on Amazon Canada or UK, etc.

How would I apply this course if I live in Canada?
I'm not sure if you are referring to the Rabbit Trail call or the Proven Private Label course...

With the Rabbit Trail call, you can use the strategies taught to research for products that are set up to be good private label products.

The Proven Private Label course also teaches strategies that can be applied around the world. We have many students in the group outside of the US - and they either sell on the Amazon.com platform or they apply what they have learned and sell on Canada, UK, etc.